NC Wallet — the world's first commission-free wallet

Make your cryptocurrency experience safer and easier with NC Wallet! Receive, exchange, and keep your funds with the ability to withdraw them without commission. Let it be the safest space to control your funds and enjoy the first-ever commission-free wallet!

It takes a moment to create the wallet
Reasons to use NC Wallet

No commission, high level of security, and easy-to-use service as well as a variety of supported cryptocurrencies make it a great wallet for both beginners and experienced users

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    Protection of your savings

    NC Wallet is a wallet that goes beyond standard security and safety measures. Be assured that your funds are fully protected with a multi-factor transaction confirmation system.

  • No commissions and transaction fees

    Send, exchange, and withdraw crypto for free! NC Wallet is the first wallet that allows you to withdraw cryptocurrency without paying network fees.

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    No withdrawal minimum

    There are no transaction limits. Manage your cryptocurrency the way you want, enjoy a convenient system.

Supported Currencies

With NC Wallet you can store, receive, exchange, and withdraw major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), and many others. New blockchains and cryptocurrencies are being added — stay tuned.

Access your NC Wallet anywhere
Use the wallet on mobile devices — manage your savings on the go anytime you want! Just install NC Wallet on your phone or tablet and access all its features. Super simple and fast!
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Stay up to date with the updates and explore all the features of NC Wallet:

Suggest Your Favorite Coins
NC Wallet is all about users' convenience — which is why we always strive to make our wallet even better! In the past, we have already expanded our supported cryptocurrency list and added many popular Ethereum-based tokens(coins). But now we want to ask you what cryptocurrencies you want to see in the wallet next.
Send BTC in Seconds Using QR Code
Simply scan and pay! We focus on every minor detail to make your transactions super-easy and smooth. Now you can send BTC with a QR code faster. You don’t even need to open the NC Wallet app and copy-paste the withdrawal address — we will do it for you! How does it work?
Most Popular Tokens Already Available on NC Wallet
The world of cryptocurrency is huge and has so many tokens for you to check and try. Now you can easily explore their wide variety and always have a safe space for storing together with an innovative NC Wallet solutions!
What Types of Crypto Wallets are There?
To start working with cryptocurrency, you first need to understand what crypto wallet is right for you. But when reading about them, many understand that the choice is not as simple as it might seem. So, let's take a closer look at what kinds of wallets are there and which one is right for you.
How to Choose the Right Crypto Wallet for You?
Thinking about joining the crypto industry but not sure where to start? One thing for sure — you will need a good cryptocurrency wallet. And if you are not sure how to choose one, this article is for you: here we will discuss what you need to do to make the right choice and find the best wallet for you. Let’s dive in!
NC Wallet — the world’s first commission-free crypto wallet
When it comes to mining and managing cryptocurrency, there is always a question of where to store it. The solution is here — brand-new NC Wallet — the first-ever commission-free wallet!
A truly secure wallet for all your devices

Start your crypto journey and be sure that your funds are under the guard of NC Wallet!

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Any questions about NC Wallet?

Please check our FAQ or contact our support team — we will be happy to help you!
What is NC Wallet? NC Wallet is the world's first commission-free wallet. You can exchange, store, receive, and withdraw funds without additional fees or minimum limits. And all that is in an intuitive and user-friendly interface! The wallet is equipped with all the necessary security measures: two-factor and biometric authentication as well as a PIN code.
What currencies does NC Wallet support? NC Wallet supports major cryptocurrencies that are traded on the crypto market. We are constantly expanding the list and monitoring new currencies.
Can I use my wallet on multiple devices and PCs?

Yes, you can simultaneously use NC Wallet on multiple devices while a reliable security system will ensure the safety of your funds.

The wallet is available on Android and iOS as well as on the Web for all platforms.

How to create a wallet?
      1. Open the app or Web version of NC Wallet;
      2. Click Create Wallet;
      3. The system will prompt you to register using one of the available services.
      When registering, you need to come up with a PIN code to login into the app.
      4. Done! Now you can freely use your wallet.
How to protect my wallet?

NC Wallet is equipped with all the necessary measures to ensure top-level security: PIN codes, biometric and two-factor authentication. What’s more, users have additional options to control their wallets. For example, tracking active account sessions.

For more security information check the Security section in the NC Wallet settings menu. There you can also turn 2FA on and off or change your PIN.

What is two-factor authentication (2FA) and how is it used in NC Wallet?

Two-factor authentication is an additional layer of NC Wallet security that is used to log into the wallet and confirm withdrawals.

You need to activate two-factor authentication during your first withdrawal if you have not already done so. To do this, NC Wallet will prompt you to install the app (for mobile devices) or extension (for browser) called Google Authenticator.

After that, 2FA will be used for all fund withdrawals on your wallet and logins to the wallet on a new device. Since two-factor authentication requires more than just knowing the PIN code to access the wallet, it guarantees the complete security of your funds.

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