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Let the wallet be your protective friend

Turn on All Features of Your Crypto Wallet!

In NC Wallet we have all a client needs: 25+ coins you can add to your wallet, simple navigation to find the tool you want, and no fees. But here are some additional things we want to share with you.

Control your protection level

We pay big attention to user security, so in NC Wallet you can:

Use facial recognition or fingerprint to confirm actions with crypto faster.
Set daily limits for different cryptocurrencies.
Allow access to the wallet only from trusted IPs, and block any unwanted attempts.
Get push notifications and stay informed about any actions with your account.

Switch on these features in your NC Wallet account and don’t let anyone get you misinformed or unprotected.

Get paid and send funds in a click

We want you to spend less time on things that can be done automatically. Try this:

Scan the QR code and get a direct link to the page. Need to pay? Here are only two actions: open your camera and confirm the transaction.
Want to create a bill or let someone pay you with ease? Use PayMe link and generate all needed in one click.

Are these switched on in your NC Wallet account?

This year we’re planning to make your experience smoother and work out new options for you.

Look through these features and check if you use them all!


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