Any questions about NC Wallet?

Check FAQ to find answers to all frequently asked questions or contact our support team. We are happy to help you.


  • What is NC Wallet?

    NC Wallet is the world's first commission-free wallet. You can exchange, store, receive, and withdraw funds without additional fees or minimum limits. And all that is in an intuitive and user-friendly interface! The wallet is equipped with all the necessary security measures: two-factor and biometric authentication as well as a PIN code.

  • What currencies does NC Wallet support?

    NC Wallet supports major cryptocurrencies that are traded on the crypto market. We are constantly expanding the list and monitoring new currencies.

  • Can I use my wallet on multiple devices and PCs?

    Yes, you can simultaneously use NC Wallet on multiple devices while a reliable security system will ensure the safety of your funds.

    The wallet is available on Android and iOS as well as on the Web for all platforms.

  • How to create a wallet?

        1. Open the app or Web version of NC Wallet;
        2. Click Create Wallet;
        3. The system will prompt you to register using one of the available services.
        When registering, you need to come up with a PIN code to login into the app.
        4. Done! Now you can freely use your wallet.


  • How to protect my wallet?

    NC Wallet is equipped with all the necessary measures to ensure top-level security: PIN codes, biometric and two-factor authentication. What’s more, users have additional options to control their wallets. For example, tracking active account sessions.

    For more security information check the Security section in the NC Wallet settings menu. There you can also turn 2FA on and off or change your PIN.

  • What is two-factor authentication (2FA) and how is it used in NC Wallet?

    Two-factor authentication is an additional layer of NC Wallet security that is used to log into the wallet and confirm withdrawals.

    You need to activate two-factor authentication during your first withdrawal if you have not already done so. To do this, NC Wallet will prompt you to install the app (for mobile devices) or extension (for browser) called Google Authenticator.

    After that, 2FA will be used for all fund withdrawals on your wallet and logins to the wallet on a new device. Since two-factor authentication requires more than just knowing the PIN code to access the wallet, it guarantees the complete security of your funds.

  • How to enable 2-factor authentication (2FA)?

    Google Authenticator is required to use 2FA. Install it from Google Play, App Store, or as a browser extension:

        1. Open Settings;
        2. Go to the Security section;
        3. Select Two-factor authentication;
        4. Click Install.

    Before use, it is recommended to read the instructions.

    To enable 2FA:

        1. Open Settings;
        2. Go to the Security section;
        3. In the Two-factor authentication section, copy and save the 2FA key;
        4. Open the Google Authenticator app;
        5. In the proposed list, select Enter a setup key;
        6. In the window that appears, set the desired name for the account and insert the 2FA key in the Key field;
        7. Click Add;
        8. Your NC Wallet account is now connected to Google Authenticator;
        9. In NC Wallet, click Enable 2FA;
        10. In the window that appears, enter the six-digit code from the Google Authenticator app.

  • How to change the PIN code?

        1. Open the Security section in the NC Wallet Settings;
        2. Click on PIN code;
        3. Enter your old PIN to confirm the change;
        4. Enter a new PIN.

    Please note: PIN code must consist of 4 digits.

  • What are active sessions and what are they for?

    Active Sessions is a section where you can see and control all the devices from which you are logged into your wallet. Each active session displays the device that was logged in, its IP address, the time it was last online, and the current status (online, logged in, offline, and so on).

    You can end the session of any device from the list by clicking the X button to the right of it. In this case, it gets completely logged out of your account — in order to log in again, you need to sign in with your Google or Apple account, enter the PIN code, and go through two-factor authentication if it is enabled.

  • Can I change my email?

    When creating a wallet, you use a Google or Apple account. Linking to mail allows you to provide additional security and safety of the wallet data; it is also used to enter NC Wallet. Therefore, you cannot change the email address used to create your wallet.

  • What is a User ID and what is it used for?

    User ID is the unique identifier of the user's wallet. It allows the support team to easily identify each wallet and respond to any technical question that the user may have.

    You can find and copy it in your profile settings. To do this, open the Settings menu and then Profile.

  • What is a Username and how to change it?

    The username automatically appears in your profile after registration, it matches your name in the service through which you are registered. After creating a wallet, you can change your username at any time. For this:

        1. Open menu;
        2. Go to the Profile section;
        3. In the Username field enter a new name;
        4. Click Save to change the data.

  • I forgot my PIN. What to do?

    Log out of your account and go through the authorization process again, then you be prompted to set a new PIN code. To log out of your account, click the Logout button in the PIN code entry window (in the web version, click the back arrow).

  • My account is blocked. What could be the reason and what should I do?

    An account can be blocked for various reasons: violation of Terms of Use, the presence of several wallets, and suspicious transactions in your account. Write to our support team to resolve the issue.


  • How to top up the wallet?

        1. On the main screen of NC Wallet, click on the Receive button;
        2. Select the cryptocurrency you want to add to your wallet;
        3. In the window that appears, you can see a QR code and the address of your wallet. Use them to top up your wallet.

  • How to withdraw funds?

        1. On the main screen of NC Wallet, click on the Send button;
        2. Enter the amount and wallet address you want to send funds to;
        3. Click the Send button;
        4. Confirm the action with the 2FA code.

    Note: withdrawals require two-factor authentication (2FA). In case it is not enabled, you will be prompted to turn it on to continue the operation.

  • How to add currency to the wallet?

    By default, only the Bitcoin (BTC) cryptocurrency wallet is present in NC Wallet. To add a wallet in another cryptocurrency:

        1. Open the main page of NC Wallet;
        2. In the Your Coins window, click on the + sign;
        3. Select the cryptocurrency you are interested in from the proposed list to add it to the wallet.

  • What is the difference between withdrawal without commission and with network commission?

    One of the unique features of NC Wallet is the ability to withdraw funds without commissions. For some currencies, such as Bitcoin, two withdrawal methods are available:

    Withdrawal without a commission:

    • You do not pay network commission;
    • The transaction lasts 3-4 hours longer unlike when paying the network commission;
    • Minimum withdrawal amount: 0.00001 BTC.

    Withdrawal with the commission:

    • You are charged a network commission for withdrawing funds;
    • No minimum withdrawal amount;
    • The transaction is sent to the blockchain immediately.

    Regardless of the withdrawal type, NC Wallet does not charge any fees from users in its favor.

  • How can I send currency using a QR code?

        1. On the main screen of NC Wallet, click Send;
        2. In the To column, click on the QR code icon;
        3. Scan the QR code.

    Note: in the mobile version of NC Wallet, you can proceed to QR code scan from the main page by clicking on the corresponding icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

  • How to exchange currency?

        1. Click Exchange on the main screen;
        2. Select currencies, specify the amount and direction of exchange;
        3. Confirm the operation.

    The exchange happens instantly and without commissions.

    Note: currency exchange cannot be canceled.

  • I want to top up my wallet. How and where can I find out its address?

        1. Click on the Recieve button on the main page of NC Wallet;
        2. In the window that appears, select the desired currency.

    The wallet address and its QR code appear automatically.

    In the same window, you can select one of the addresses created earlier by clicking on the Address button or create a new address using the New button. In the address creation window, you can view and select the desired type of wallet in this blockchain. The selected address type is displayed above the wallet address.

  • Do I need to pay any additional fees?

    There are no additional fees in NC Wallet.

  • How to view transaction history?

    On the main page of NC Wallet, click on the History button. In the window that appears, you can find the entire transaction history of your wallet.

    If you want to find specific transactions, use the filter:

        1. In the history window, click on the filter icon;
        2. Set the filtering options by specifying the type of transaction, currency, or period of the operation.

  • Where can I see addresses scanned with a QR code scanner?

        1. Open the QR code scanner in the NC Wallet app;
        2. Click History of QR codes, in the menu that appears, you can find all the scanned codes.

  • Where to find the current and past currency exchange rates?

        1. Click on the currency you are interested in in the list of cryptocurrencies on the main screen of NC Wallet;
        2. In the appeared window, you can find a detailed chart of the exchange rate of the selected cryptocurrency;
        3. Using the buttons below the graph, you can select the period: day/week/month/year/all time.

  • I sent funds from the wallet, but they did not get to the recipient. What to do?

    If you have sent funds from your wallet and they have not been received, please check the status of the transaction. For this:

        1. Go to the transaction history section by clicking on the History icon;
        2. Select a transaction by clicking on it in the list that appears;
        3. Check the status of the transaction.

    If the transaction is shown as completed in the wallet, copy its TxID and check the confirmation status in the appropriate blockchain explorer. You can check Bitcoin transactions here, Ethereum, and Tether here.

  • I was sent a cryptocurrency but it did not get to my wallet. What to do?

    First of all, check whether the transaction exists in the blockchain of the cryptocurrency sent to you and make sure that it was made and confirmed.

    In case you still have questions, contact our support team and send us the transaction hash (TxID). Here you can see what the transaction hash (TxID) should look like for the Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Tether (USDT) blockchain.