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  • What is NC Wallet?

    NC Wallet is the world's first commission-free wallet with no minimum transaction limit. You can exchange, store, receive, and withdraw funds with zero fees. You don’t even need to pay a network fee when doing Regular withdrawals from your account. We provide you with all the necessary security measures to protect your assets.

  • What currencies does NC Wallet support?

    Major cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT). We are working on adding new currencies.

  • Can I use my wallet on multiple computers?

    Yes, you can use NC Wallet on any computers, laptops, and phones. All you need is Internet access.

    There’s a web version of the wallet so far, Android and iOS apps are in development.

  • How to create a wallet?

    Click Create Wallet in the top-right corner of the website and sign up with your email. You’ll receive a confirmation email — follow the link in it. Fill out your profile and complete an extra account verification to use all wallet features.

  • Can I have several NC wallet accounts?

    No, you can have only one NC Wallet account.


  • How can I protect my wallet?

    Use Google Authenticator app, email, or your mobile to receive verification codes to confirm important actions. Go to the Account Security page in the Settings tab to enable preferable options.

  • What is 2-factor authentication, 2FA?

    A login procedure that requires a temporary code along with login/password. Such code can be obtained differently: sent to email, via SMS, in push notification, or through a special app.

    Thus, authentication goes in two steps - with a password and then with a code. That’s why it’s called 2-factor authentication.

  • Why do I need 2-factor authentication, 2FA?

    It will protect your account from unauthorized access, even if someone gets your password. With 2FA enabled you need to use verification codes to confirm important actions, such as login or funds withdrawal. You'll be able to withdraw your funds only after you activate 2FA.

    Get Google Authenticator app to receive verification codes. You can download the app from Google Play or App Store, and see user instructions within the Authenticator app when you open it. Read about all available NC Wallet account security measures and enable them here.

  • How to enable 2-factor authentication, 2FA, using Google Authenticator app?

    1. Click Account Security in the Settings tab.
    2. Tap Enable Google Authenticator.
    3. Open Google Authenticator app on your phone.
    4. Tap Start.
    5. Tap Scan QR-code and scan the code opened at the NC Wallet page.

  • How to change password?

    Go to the Settings tab and select Change Password. Enter your old password and create a new one.

    Password requirements:

    • 10 or more symbols
    • Letters and digits only
    • At least 1 uppercase letter
    • At least 1 lowercase letter
    • At least 1 digit

    Enter PIN code to complete the process.

  • How can I change my PIN code?

    Go to the Settings tab and select Change PIN code. Enter your old PIN code and create a new one. Pin code consists of 4 digits.

  • What are Black and White lists?

    A measure needed to restrict access to your wallet. You can add IP addresses to Black or White lists.

    IP addresses from the Black list can't access your account. If you add any IPs to the White List — you can access the wallet ONLY using IPs from this list.

  • Why do I need to verify my account?

    To protect your wallet from unauthorized access. We need to be sure that you are the one who has access to the wallet. You need a filled-in and verified account to withdraw funds.

  • What is an account Grade?

    A step of the verification process.

    There are 2 grades:

    1. Email confirmation
    2. Phone number confirmation

    These steps help us protect your account. You have to complete this procedure to transfer and withdraw funds.

    Without verification you can:

    • Add funds to the account.
    • Exchange funds in the wallet.

    After verification is done you can:


  • How to add funds to my wallet?

    Go to the Add Funds menu and choose the cryptocurrency you want to add to the wallet. Then you will receive an address to deposit funds to the wallet. All your transactions are free of charge.

    If you want to deposit funds with conversion — choose Credited Currency when obtaining the deposit address.

    For example, if you deposit ETH being converted to BTC — all ETH coming to the given address will be automatically converted to BTC and added to your balance.

  • How to withdraw funds?

    Go to Withdraw Funds menu, select withdrawal method — Regular or Instant, select a currency, enter the amount and address.

    You can also select the desired withdrawal destination currency. An example — you have BTC in the wallet, but want to withdraw USDT.

    So, you click Tether in the Withdraw Funds menu and select BTC in the currency menu at the opened page. Enter the amount of BTC to withdraw — the wallet automatically calculates the amount of USDT equal to it. Next click I agree to withdraw with conversion, enter the withdrawal address, and click Verify.

  • What is the difference between Instant and Regular withdrawals?

    We do not charge any commissions, no matter which withdrawal method you choose.

    Instant withdrawal:

    • Transaction instantly goes into the blockchain.
    • You pay network transaction commission.

    We send your transaction to blockchain immediately, but you will need to cover the network fee. This fee doesn’t go to NC Wallet, we send it to miners to include a transaction in a blockchain. Regular withdrawal:

    • It usually takes 3-4 hours longer than an Instant withdrawal.
    • We pay blockchain network transaction commission.
    • $25 minimum transaction amount.

  • How to send funds to other NC Wallet users?

    To send funds to other users — go to the Transfer menu and select Transfer to NC Wallet. Such payments are always processed right away. No commission paid when transferring funds to other NC Wallet accounts. Make sure that the address and the deposit amount are correct.

    The person who receives funds from you should provide his NC Wallet ID. Wallet ID can be found at the top-left corner of the website, login into the account is required.

  • How to exchange the currency?

    Go to the Transfer menu, select Currency Exchange. Select currencies, amount, and the exchange direction. Pay attention to the exchange rate. Transactions can't be reversed.

  • Where to find my BTC wallet address to add funds?

    Go to Add funds menu and choose the cryptocurrency you want to add to your account. After clicking Next you’ll see your wallet address in text format as well as a QR code.

  • What are network fees (miner fee)?

    It is a fee that miners receive to confirm the transaction and add it to the blockchain by using their computing power. This fee doesn’t go to NC Wallet, but directly to the miners. It works similar to bank money transfer — you usually pay a commission to the bank for delivering your transaction.

    At the bitcoin network, you pay for each byte of the transaction in satoshi (0.000 000 01 BTC). On the Ethereum network confirmation fee is paid in units called GAS.

    You can exchange one currency for another, and then withdraw it to pay a lower miner fee, or pay no fee by using the Regular withdrawal.

  • How is network fee calculated?

    NC Wallet doesn’t have a fixed network fee, and we don’t affect it. We send the transaction to the blockchain, and it automatically picks the recommended transaction processing fee in a timely manner.

  • Can I change the network fee?

    Not yet. The network fee generated by the blockchain is optimal for your transaction to be included in the block on time.

    We want to give you the ability to choose the network fee in the future. That will allow you to manually select transaction handling speed and pay the corresponding network fee for that speed.

  • Do I need to pay any additional commissions?

    You don’t have to pay any commissions with NC Wallet. We cover your network fee if you use Regular withdrawal.

  • Where to see my transaction history?

    Click on your wallet ID in the upper left part of the page. You’ll see the detailed history of all your wallet transactions on the opened page. There you can select the time period and currency of transactions. You can get the transaction history of the needed currency in another way. Click the necessary currency at the top-left corner of the website. Your wallet transaction history related to that currency will be displayed after that.

  • What is an extra account verification, and why complete it?

    This is a legal measure required by international AML/KYC laws.

    Extra verification reasons:

    • Reaching a certain cashflow volume.
    • Suspicious transactions.

    You should upload your ID scans to complete extra verification.

    IDs are but not limited to:

    • Passport
    • ID card
    • Bank statement
    • Driving license

    Complete an extra verification so you could continue using NC Wallet.

  • How to check the exchange rate for today or for past days?

    Go to the Currency Rates History page in the Transfer tab. You can select any date and currency there.

  • What is BTC payment confirmation?

    It’s the number of blocks created in the blockchain after the block with your transaction info. For example, if the confirmation number is 6 – we need to wait for 6 blocks to be mined and added to the blockchain before our transaction is completed.

    The transaction remains unconfirmed until the last required new block is created and added to the blockchain. The more confirmations there are — the safer your transaction is.

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