• Can I use biometrics to confirm transactions?

Can I use biometrics to confirm transactions?

You can use biometrics to confirm exchange and withdrawal when using the NC Wallet mobile app. Note that two-factor authentication (2FA) must be enabled to use biometrics for confirming transactions.

      1. On the NC Wallet main screen, tap three lines ;
      2. Select Security;
      3. Select Biometrics & PIN;
      4. Turn on Transaction;
      5. Enable 2FA (if required). Learn more about enabling 2FA for iOS, for Android;
      6. Confirm the action with a 2FA code.

If you want to disable biometric confirmation of transactions, follow the steps 1-3, then turn off Transaction.

Note that, for security reasons, biometric facial recognition cannot be used for identity verification on Android devices. In this case, you can use other biometric options, for example, fingerprints.