• What is a limit? How to set it?

What is a limit? How to set it?

Limit is the maximum amount of certain cryptocurrency that you can withdraw or exchange within a chosen period of time. By default, in NC Wallet there are no limits on withdrawal and exchange, but you can set your own limit on any available currency.

When you set a limit, you put it on both withdrawal and exchange. For example, you set a daily limit of 10 USDT on USDT. This means, you can withdraw or exchange no more than 10 USDT per 24 hours.

You can set a limit for 24 hours (daily limit), for one month (monthly limit), or for both periods at the same time. To set a limit:

      1. On the NC Wallet main screen, tap on three lines ;
      2. Tap on Limits;
      3. Choose the currency on which you want to set a limit and tap the plus symbol next to it;
      4. Choose a period: per 24 hours or per month. You can set a limit for both of these periods;
      5. Enter the limit amount for the chosen period;
      6. Tap on Enable;
      7. Confirm the action with 2FA code (optional).

For extra security, we recommend enabling 2FA and allowing notifications for setting limits. If someone tries to change them without you knowing, you’ll get a notification.