• What is a PayMe link? How to create it?

What is a PayMe link? How to create it?

A “PayMe link” is a reusable link that simplifies the process of payment for both you and a sender. Create and share easy-to-remember links for different wallet addresses to get paid. Following your link, a sender can scan a QR code or copy the address to make a payment.

PayMe link is created for a particular wallet address. For example, you generate one link for receiving BTC on the Bitcoin network, the second one for MATIC on Ethereum, another one for MATIC on Polygon, etc.

How to create a PayMe link for a chosen wallet address?

      1. Tap Receive on the main screen;
      2. Select the cryptocurrency to create a PayMe link;
      3. Check the network chosen for this address; change it if necessary;
      4. Tap PayMe Link;
      5. Enter a link name (for example, “john_btc” or “john23”) or generate a random name by tapping . This name will be displayed at the end of your PayMe link: https://ncwallet.net/pay/john_btc;
      6. If you want to specify the amount (optional), tap the “+” plus symbol next to the title Enter Amount and enter the amount;
      7. Tap Save Link;
      8. Tap Copy and share this link with a sender.

You can change a created link anytime by tapping Edit. There is also another option for specifying the amount for an already created link:

      1. Just copy your created link;
      2. Type the slash “/” symbol after the link name and enter the amount of currency. For example, https://ncwallet.net/pay/john_usdt/10;
      3. Copy the link with the amount and share it.

Every time you want to accept a payment to the chosen wallet address, you can use this link by changing only the amount after the slash: /john_usdt/7, /john_usdt/0.5