• What documents are required for verification?

What documents are required for verification?

Documents to verify identity:

We accept only valid, government-issued identification that doesn’t expire within 30 days.

Acceptable documents include:

  • Passport;
  • State ID card;
  • Residence permit;
  • Driver’s licence.

Documents to verify address:

Make sure that the documents are dated within 60 days and that the name and address details are clearly visible. Acceptable documents include:

  • utility bill (water, internet, gas, electricity, phone bills);
  • bank statement;
  • other documents that can be proof of your current address.

Please be sure that

  • you upload only supported formats: png, jpeg, gif, bmp, pdf;
  • your full name and address in the documents match those you already filled in;
  • documents are fully visible and in colour;
  • documents are clearly readable;
  • you upload images of real documents and not images of images;
  • your files do not exceed size limitations of 10 Mb.

You may be asked to provide additional documents and selfies.

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