• How can I speed up my Bitcoin transactions?

How can I speed up my Bitcoin transactions?

NC Wallet covers fees for Bitcoin transactions for all its users. To save on fees, we send transactions to the blockchain in bulk. It may take some time to create a bulk transaction, so you can choose to pay network commission yourself to speed up your Bitcoin transaction.

To pay the network fee for Bitcoin transactions:

      1. On the main screen of NC Wallet, click on the Send button and choose Bitcoin;
      2. Enter the amount and wallet address you want to send funds;
      3. Tap Send;
      4. Turn off the 'No commission' switch;
      5. Click the Next;
      6. Check the details and tap Send;
      7. Confirm the action with the 2FA code or biometrics (for mobile app).

Note: withdrawals require two-factor authentication (2FA).