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2 Ways to Earn With Your Crypto Wallet!

NC Wallet is known as a convenient crypto wallet — but it’s also a source of income! NC Wallet stands out as an accessible financial tool, perfect for newcomers and experts alike. Just look at how you can earn in it and spend zero on commissions!

Way 1. Earn on moving market

Expecting some coin to rise? Buy it right in NC Wallet at the market price while the rate is still low. And sell instantly when it jumps!

In NC Wallet, you can make exchanges with profit and with no extra commission. Swap easily and multiply your crypto!

Way 2. Get passive income by holding funds

If you keep crypto in your account, hold it and get bonuses — receive an annual interest from 6%, paid out daily! And the more you hold, the more you’ll get.

With NC Wallet, newcomers can get the same profit as finance pro. We simplify the process, allowing you to earn smart and easily.

Want to top up and give it a try?

Get your income right in your NC Wallet app and learn more about crypto opportunities!


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