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Make Things Convenient

Save Your Time! Confirm Transactions With Biometrics

Do you want to make transactions and protect access to your wallet? In NC Wallet we want your experience to be easier and under defence.

From now, your fingerprint or face works as 2FA. Confirm any action in your wallet without any extra codes. You are the code now!

NC Wallet updates its PIN protection. Now all current and future devices will have the same PIN, which can be changed anytime. One PIN code and limitation for attempts will make the user's experience safer and block all suspicious logins in the wallet.

What’s new?

Used to type the authentication code to verify transactions? Switch to fingerprint and face to do it quicker. With all you always have at your disposal.
We’ve updated PIN protection — now, here's a single PIN across all devices. We’ve also limited the number of login attempts allowed, making it really tough to crack a short PIN. To boost safety, change your PIN every 2-3 months and keep your accounts more secure!

From now on, you can not only protect your funds (just set limitations or create blocked and allowed IP lists), but manage crypto with convenience.

Feel more relaxed with entrance defense and biometric confirmation. Tap to try!


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USDT on TON Network Is Here!
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TON on Native Network Is Available!
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