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How to Start in Crypto?

How to Start in Crypto?

Are you considering stepping into the world of cryptocurrency but unsure where to begin? Starting in crypto may feel like embarking on a new adventure, but fear not! In NC Wallet we've compiled a crypto beginner guide to help navigate this exciting realm.

Understanding your purpose

First things first: identify your purpose for using cryptocurrency. Will you be engaging in daily transactions or opting for long-term investments? Your goals will determine your wallet choice.

For daily transactions and flexibility, a hot wallet like NC Wallet is ideal. However, if you plan to use crypto as a store of value, a cold wallet may be a good option.

Choosing your coin

Selecting the right cryptocurrency is crucial. Our NC Wallet offers 25+ coins, each serving diverse purposes. For instance, Bitcoin is revered for long-term investments, while TRON thrives in speedy daily transactions.

Explore our blog for crypto basics and insights into each coin's functionality to make an informed decision.

Setting up a trustworthy wallet

Consider NC Wallet, offering top-tier security features, a user-friendly interface, and the distinctive advantage of covering network fees. Whether you're a newbie or a pro, NC Wallet caters to all levels of users.

Trial transactions and learning together

It's always beneficial to start with a small amount of crypto to grasp all the processes. Engage with someone you trust and conduct transactions together — especially as NC Wallet covers most network commissions, allowing you to swap 25+ coins fee-free.

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