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Bitcoin Network Overloaded

Crypto Myths Debunked: Is Bitcoin Just a Fad?

At this time, we do not recommend making any Bitcoin transactions due to network congestion. Currently, BTC transactions are being processed at an extremely slow speed, and fees are much higher than normally expected.

NC Wallet users are advised to wait. You can watch Bitcoin mempool statistics, such as this one, to monitor up-to-date BTC transaction fees and network activity.

Other networks supported by NC Wallet are operating as usual — use them to make transactions. We will keep you informed.

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3 Things to Know Before First Crypto Transaction
What an exciting moment! You’re about to experience a new level of financial independence and make your first crypto transfer. For your onboarding to be smooth and pleasant, take a few minutes to read this.
USDT on TON Network Is Here!
The world’s most popular stablecoin on one of the fastest-growing networks — is now available for every NC Wallet user! We’ve started supporting transactions with USDT on the TON blockchain.
TON on Native Network Is Available!
Looking to explore ads, shopping, or NFTs on Telegram? Look no further than TON, The Open Network. With a market cap of $21.40B and a trading volume of $206M, TON offers you the ability to do it all while your coin grows. So add TON to your NC Wallet and take advantage of all its perks!