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Stay Ahead With Our Progressive Web App

Stay Ahead with Our Progressive Web App

At NC Wallet, we aim to provide users with more choices in how they use our application. Our Progressive Web App (PWA) lets you take full control of your experience.

What is a PWA?

Simply put, a Progressive Web App (PWA) allows you to use NC Wallet with no need to download it from a store. Even though it runs on the web, it still delivers high quality and offers several other benefits.

Why choose a PWA?

  1. Easy to install — add the app icon directly to your device.
  2. Privacy — enjoy the option not to share personal information with any app store.
  3. Automatic updates — be the first to get the latest features and fixes.

How to install?

Check out our brief and simple guide on how to install the PWA here. It's quick and easy!

Take control of your app experience. Visit our website and manage your crypto on your terms.


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