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Essentials for Beginners

4 Key Questions About Wallet Addresses

If you’re making your first steps in crypto, you’re in the right place. This article focuses on the very basics — a wallet address.

1 What is it?

A wallet address is a unique combination of letters and numbers that is used for sending and receiving cryptocurrencies. It’s generated from a public key with the help of a complicated cryptographic function. To simplify, the address works similarly to an email address or a phone number, showing where to send funds but without revealing the identity. Addresses are specific to a blockchain. For example, if you use a wallet that supports multiple networks, for example, NC Wallet, you have different addresses to receive funds on Ethereum, Bitcoin, Solana, etc.

2 Is it safe to share my wallet address?

Your address contains no personal info and doesn’t give access to your funds. It’s absolutely safe to share it. Nevertheless, keep in mind that blockchain transactions are irreversible. So, double-check the addresses and the network before sending assets, or use a QR code. Also, in NC Wallet, there is a convenient PayMe link feature allowing you to share an easy-to-remember link to get paid without wasting time on copy-pasting complicated addresses.

3 How to find my address(es) in NC Wallet?

When you add a new coin to your wallet, the address for this currency is generated automatically. To find it, just tap Receive and choose the necessary currency. In the opening window, you’ll see the address.

By default, the address is generated for the native network (Ethereum for ETH, Polygon for MATIC, etc). But you can change this network if the chosen coin exists and is supported on different blockchains.

4 Can I create several addresses for the same cryptocurrency in NC Wallet?

Yes, you can create more than one address for the supported blockchains or coins. Tap here, to add a new address.

NC Wallet simplifies everything! All your coins and addresses are at your fingertips in one convenient app.


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