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NC Wallet to Stop Deposits of Bridged USDC on Polygon

USDT Now Without Fees

On October 24, 12:00 UTC, NC Wallet will stop depositing bridged USDC on Polygon, because this token will no longer be supported by the USDC-issuer — Circle. Instead, the new version of USDC, which is native to the Polygon blockchain, has gone live. After that date, only the native USDC will be available for transactions!

If you use USDC on Polygon, there are two key points to remember:

You shouldn’t send bridged USDC to NC Wallet after October 24, 2023, 12:00 UTC.

Regardless of the type of the token, all the previously deposited USDC are safe on your NC Wallet balance. You will be able to exchange and withdraw them at any time. All transactions with USDC on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain are available as usual.

Please check the timeline of updates and verify the token address before making transactions on the Polygon network!

Token address
Bridged USDC (or USDC.e) on Polygon
Not supported after 24/10/2023, 12:00 UTC
Not supported after 24/10/2023, 12:00 UTC
Native USDC on Polygon
Supported after 24/10/2023, 12:00 UTC
Supported after 24/10/2023, 12:00 UTC

We keep a close eye on the news! Manage your crypto with ease, feel safe, and pay no extra fees with NC Wallet.


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