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How to Save on TRON Fees?

How to Save on TRON Fees?

TRON is one of the most promising and fast-growing blockchains. Today, we’re explaining how to cut out on the network commissions. To start, let’s take a look at the types of fees on TRON.

Account activation fee

Unlike, for example, Bitcoin or Ethereum, when you create a new TRON account, you need to activate it first. The simplest way is to send any amount of TRX to this account. Currently, the activation fee is 1 TRX.


If you send TRX (or other TRC-10 tokens) on TRON, you need to spend a part of your bandwidth reserve. The larger the transaction, the more bandwidth it requires. Every 24 hours all active TRON addresses get a limited number of bandwidth points for free. Users can also stake (freeze) TRX to lock up their coins, earning bandwidth in return.


If you perform transactions with TRC-20 tokens on TRON — for example, USDT — apart from bandwidth, you will also need “energy”. This resource isn’t accrued for free. To get energy points, users need to stake some TRX in the account.

It is accurate to say that TRON fees may be confusing. But we have really good news for our customers! NC Wallet users:

Don’t pay activation fees

Don’t need to stake TRX to get bandwidth and energy

Don’t pay fees for sending TRX on TRON

NC Wallet users get all the benefits of TRON and save on fees!


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