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Billionaires, Governments, and BTC Titans

Who Holds the Most Bitcoin in 2024?

How to Start in Crypto?

Still think Bitcoin is a risky asset? What if we told you that the biggest owners of BTC are billionaires like Elon Musk and more — the entire governments?

In NC Wallet, we’ve put Satoshi Nakamoto, the most profitable Bitcoin miner, aside, and compiled a list of whales — entrepreneurs, companies, and countries that have invested their fortunes in Bitcoin.

Changpeng Zhao: co-founder of Binance

Meet Changpeng Zhao, the second richest Bitcoin owner with a currently estimated net worth of $22.9 billion. While the specifics of his BTC holdings remain a mystery, Zhao casually dropped that crypto makes up a whopping 95% of his investment portfolio.

Tesla, under Elon Musk's leadership

Elon Musk, the wealthiest person around with a net worth of $219 billion, is the next world’s largest holder of Bitcoin. He took Tesla on a crypto adventure by throwing $1.5 billion into Bitcoin in 2021. As of now, Tesla owns 10,725 BTC.

USA: an unexpected player

Wondered which country owns the most Bitcoin? In a twist of events, the FBI and the U.S. Government have emerged as significant wallet holders with the most amount of Bitcoin securing approximately 205,515 BTC. These were acquired from the Silk Road and the Bitfinex hack aftermath in 2016.

China and Bulgaria: heavyweights in the crypto game

China and Bulgaria are not to be overlooked, holding roughly 194,000 BTC and over 200,000 BTC, respectively.

With a mere 2.1 million Bitcoins left out of the initial 21 million, the quest to uncover these remaining gems leads you right here, to NC Wallet — the most trusted BTC wallet and your portal to the crypto universe.

Let's dive through this exhilarating crypto journey together!


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