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Smarter Financial Future

4 Reasons to Tell Your Friends About Crypto

Bitcoin Beats Gold?

Imagine you are having a conversation with your friends about cryptocurrency. You already use NC Wallet to store your assets, but your mates are curious if they should start using cryptocurrency. How do you convince them to check out the crypto world?

Make Quick and Easy Crypto Transfers

Send money in crypto to your friends, no matter where they are — Uruguay, the US, or Italy. Put their address into NC Wallet, and boom, the funds reach them in a minute. Help your friends and work with assets globally without extra fees and long waits!

Travel Easier with Cryptocurrency

Use crypto to travel with confidence and without worrying about currency exchange. Pay for plane tickets and hotel bookings with crypto. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride — crypto simplified it all!

Be the Sole Owner of Your Funds

No more banks, cards, or waiting in lines or at processing terminals to accept your transaction. Chill on your armchair at home or in the airport lounge – pay from wherever feels right for you. With NC Wallet, access your funds 24/7 and save on storing crypto, as we cover network fees for 25+ coins.

Try Crypto as Another Place to Store Assets

Diversify your savings — allocate some in cryptocurrency. With NC Wallet, earn a storage bonus — 6% annual interest on the balance — accrued daily. Track what brings you more income from storage and make the right decision!

Still thinking fiat is better?


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