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ChatGPT to Boost Blockchain Security, What’s Next?

ChatGPT to Boost Blockchain Security, What’s Next?

Imagine that there’s an expert that knows about potential blockchain vulnerabilities and can warn you about them. What if this expert could also analyse the previous patterns and point out weak points of blockchain technology? Do you think this is impossible? Not at all. Recently, an AI-powered chatbot that can reveal loopholes in smart contracts has been discovered by the crypto community. Prepare to achieve exciting results!

What is AI?

AI stands for artificial intelligence, which relies on computer science and databases to solve tasks where humans are typically required. This fairly young industry focuses on finding ways to match human flexibility over a wide range of activities – from playing chess to generating pictures, solving mathematical problems, and so on. What makes AI different from its counterparts is the ability to learn patterns from data and grow smarter over time.

How can AI integrate with blockchain technology?

In light of AI’s recent boom in popularity, ChatGPT was born. Released in November 2022, this language model is designed to tackle all sorts of issues with accuracy by constantly updating its broad spectre of knowledge.

To test whether ChatGPT could be of resourceful help to blockchain users, the service was asked to outline security vulnerabilities in an Ethereum smart contract. The AI tool managed to point out critical flaws and even showcase possible ways the smart contract could be exploited. Interestingly, ChatGPT is not only capable of easily locating these vulnerabilities and memorising discoveries but also creating loophole-free smart contracts.

While some experts highlight the potential utility of AI in terms of detecting and responding to security threats, others remain unsure if ChatGPT is the solution to all problems. Despite its efficiency in pinpointing blockchain vulnerabilities, the language model has yet to establish clear regulating policies to become globally accepted.

Nevertheless, the integration of AI and blockchain technology has already set a successful precedent. If the development continues to evolve, the two technologies could learn how to balance out each other's flaws, boost interoperability, and even increase user benefits. Get set and go — the future is coming!

NC Wallet will continue to monitor the situation and deliver the latest crypto expertise to you!


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