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Crypto Taking the World

Crypto Taking the World

Crypto has made a giant leap and become mainstream. Back in 2009, it was a concept understood only by tech-savvy experts. Today, people all over the world use it every single day.

How many people own crypto?

Over 420 million people around the globe already use cryptocurrency — a sufficient number to take it seriously. For reference, the USA population is approximately 330 million citizens.

The top 3 countries with the highest number of crypto users are India, China, and the USA.

What is the country with the highest crypto ownership percentage?

Although exact numbers are difficult to measure, there is no doubt that some countries are more enthusiastic about crypto than others. The leader in terms of the percentage of crypto owners to the total population is the United Arab Emirates. For the UAE, this figure is 27% — on average, every third resident of the country uses cryptocurrency.

What is the most popular crypto now?

Bitcoin continues to be the biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. The current rate of Bitcoin adoption is 190 million users. It’s even accepted as an official medium of exchange in El Salvador and the Central African Republic.

How many crypto transactions are confirmed daily?

The figures vary across different blockchains, but they are rather impressive. For instance, the Solana network’s current TPS (number of transactions per second) is more than 4,000. It means that this blockchain can confirm approximately 345 million new operations in 24 hours. The Bitcoin network processes more than 529,000 transactions daily. For the Ethereum network, this number is about 1,000,000.

People use crypto to make peer-to-peer transactions; to pay on travel sites and for web services; to purchase gift cards, luxury goods, even food, etc. It’s already a part of everyday life.

Crypto is here to change the world! Open these new opportunities with the no-commission NC Wallet.


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