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Exchange your BUSD in NC Wallet

Exchange your BUSD in NC Wallet

Binance officially announced that it will stop supporting BUSD by February 2024. If you are a Binance stablecoin owner, there is nothing to worry about. You can exchange BUSD in NC Wallet until that time — without any limits or commissions.

Swap your BUSD for Bitcoin, ETH, USDT, USDC, or more than 20+ other cryptocurrencies easily and instantly.

NC Wallet is a secure and transparent app for all your coins. It’s available on iOS, on Android, as a Web app, and as a browser extension. With NC Wallet you are ready to adapt to the changing market trends. Keep your funds safe and manage your coins wisely — your zero-fee crypto wallet is always at hand.

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Bitcoin Beats Gold?
Could good old gold be defeated by relatively young Bitcoin? Imagine that you decide to buy Bitcoin, while your best friend goes for gold. Let’s explore, who will encounter fewer obstacles and whose experience will be more user-friendly. Are there a lot of areas where Bitcoin wins the race over the precious metal?
Who Holds the Most Bitcoin in 2024?
Still think Bitcoin is a risky asset? What if we told you that the biggest owners of BTC are billionaires like Elon Musk and more — the entire governments? In NC Wallet, we’ve put Satoshi Nakamoto, the most profitable Bitcoin miner, aside, and compiled a list of whales — entrepreneurs, companies, and countries that have invested their fortunes in Bitcoin.
Before Transferring Bitcoin: Understand Address Types
Start to feel more confident while making Bitcoin transactions by learning the difference between the types of Bitcoin addresses! When you create a Bitcoin address in NC Wallet, you have three options: a Legacy address or two types of SegWit addresses. How do they differ?