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Without Any Fees

Litecoin Now in Your Wallet

Litecoin Now in Your Wallet

You asked — we listened: the Litecoin network is already available. Now, our users can make fast, safe, and free transactions with Litecoin (LTC)! NC Wallet doesn’t charge any fees, what is more, covers the network commission.

The higher speed and lower commissions make LTC perfectly suitable for everyday transactions. Firstly, in the Litecoin network, new blocks are generated about 4 times faster than those for the Bitcoin network. If we take a look at current numbers, it’s 2.5 minutes per block for LTC vs. 10 minutes for BTC. Secondly, the average network fee on Litecoin is $0.005 compared to $7.60 on Bitcoin. If you use NC Wallet, you get all the benefits and the commissions entirely covered! Just confirm the transaction and send your funds for free.

Starting now, Litecoin is supported by NC Wallet. Easily manage your funds, switch between networks, pay no fees for transactions, and get the most out of your crypto holdings with a reliable and secure crypto wallet! Our list of supported assets is constantly updating, thanks to your requests.


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