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Revolutionise the way you pay! Make crypto payments in no time with the NC Wallet browser extension.

More and more online services accept crypto payments. With the NC Wallet browser extension, you can be ahead of others and make these transactions in a super-smooth and safe way. Next time, when you surf the web and want to make a payment:

Select the crypto wallet address on any page and right-click on it.

Choose "Send Crypto" with the NC Wallet logo.

Voila! You are in your wallet with the address filled in.

Check the details and confirm the transaction.

Your funds are safe and always at hand when you need them. NC Wallet extension is free and available for all popular Chromium browsers (Google Chrome, CryptoTab, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and others). Just install it and try instant payments for yourself!

With the NC Wallet extension, you can make crypto payments easily, without giving up your comfort zone.


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Why Do People Get Crazy About Meme Coins?
In 2021, the price of a meme coin named Dogecoin jumped nearly over 800% in 24 hours. Today it has a market cap of about $8 billion. What are the reasons for such cosmic growth and what is the point of meme coins?
TRON Now on NC Wallet
The first wallet that pays you for holding TRX! Our legendary no-commission transactions are available for TRONIX (TRX) — NC Wallet now supports the TRON network. Enjoy fast and zero-fee operations and a daily bonus on your balance.
Exchange your BUSD in NC Wallet
Binance officially announced that it will stop supporting BUSD by February 2024. If you are a Binance stablecoin owner, there is nothing to worry about. You can exchange BUSD in NC Wallet until that time — without any limits or commissions.
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