Turn cryptocurrency volatility into a source of income

NC Wallet is a wallet that allows you to instantly exchange cryptocurrencies without commissions and at the current exchange rate. Use it to earn income from volatile currencies!

Download and set up the app in less than a minute

How does it work?

To earn crypto you just need the right tool. NC Wallet will help you do just that!

Keep your balance in the wallet in your favourite currencies
Track cryptocurrency rates with inbuilt tools
During a spike you can instantly swap the available currencies for any others
Wait for BTC to rise and exchange it for a stablecoin such as USDT. And when the BTC rate drops again, purchase more of your favourite currency.
Daily income on your wallet entire balance

While you're waiting for the right time to multiply your funds, get daily income for your entire balance! Simply keep any currencies in your wallet, earn interest and withdraw your income every day.